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How to Buid a Room Divider

1. Buy 9 (1.5" x 72") boards. You can get those at Lowes Hardware or Home Depot
2. Cut 1 of those boards into 8 - (9") sections.
3. Sand and stain the boards if you like.
4. The long pieces that are 72" long will be attached to the outside of the 9" sections (see the diagram below)
5. You can use glue and flat metal conectors (on Amazon) or 2.5" screws, or use pocket hole screws; this really depends on your skill level. Attach the boards as shown below.
7. Attach the hinges (Hinges on Amazon) about 1 foot to 2 feet from the top and from the bottom. (See diagram below)
* The inside measurement should be 9" by 69"
* You will be purchasing 4 sections that make up one large scene. Each section is 10" x 70". This gives you an extra 1/2" to attach the film around the frame.

Hinge Placement about 1/3 of the overall length,
24" from the top and 24" from the bottom. Use a different position if you like.