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Image Concealment Film - PRIVACY IS BEAUTIFUL

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Below is a sample of how our Image Concealment Film window film that will fit across a triple sash window.

Choose from a selection of images below for your multiple windows. You can place the Image Concealment Films on three or more sashes.

When filling out the form fill in the width field as follows. Glass left (and what ever your glass measuremnet is) Glass middle (and what ever your glass measuremnet is) glass rigth (and what ever your glass measuremnet is.)

For example glass left 20" glass middle 20" and glass right 20". Height has its own entery field.

Shoji-it Panoramic image selection

All images Ⓒ Melanie Heinrich 2018

Shoji-it  ImagesNegative of Tree Line

Dead Horse Canyon

Green Pond

Ten Mile Road

Intracoastal Waterway

Ocean Rainbow

National Monument

Colors on the final image may vary slightly from the colors displayed on this website.