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Square Image Selections

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These square images work for our Image Concealment Film
for Sliding Doors and Room Dividers.

Shoji-it door
Door Sample

Shoji-it divider samople
Room Divider Sample

All images Ⓒ Melanie Heinrich 2018

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosNortheast Woods

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosYosemite Trees and Rocks

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosBirch trees

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosLakes Edge

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosMuir Woods

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosBirch Trees and Rocks

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosZebra

Shoji-it images of animalsBig Ears

Shoji-it images of animalsThreatened Water Buffalo

Shoji-it image  Pretty BirdPretty Bird

Shoji-it images of animalsStealth Leopard

Shoji-it images of animalsDuck Walk

Shoji-it images of animalsResting after Lunch

Shoji-it images of animalsLooking for Brother

Shoji-it -seaside  imagesSleepy Lanai

Shoji-it -seaside  imagesBlue Lagoon

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosSand and Water

Shoji-it -seaside  imagesCalifornia Coast

Shoji-it -sketches  imagesWhite Arch

Shoji-it - imagesWalk in the Forest

Shoji-it - images Crispy Leaves

Shoji-it - images Aurora

Shoji-it Water imagesBig Sur

Shoji-it Water imagesMaine Coastline

Shoji-it Water imagesRocky Coast

Shoji-it Water imagesCadillac Mountain

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosIce on Reeds

Shoji-it Western US imagesFive Mile Wide

Image Concealment Films - MH StudiosIce Storm

Shoji-it DenaliDenali

Colors on the final image may vary slightly from the colors displayed on this website.