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Shoji-itTM Dividers

Our Shoji-itTM dividers are hand-made and custom-made for you. We can make a Shoji-itTM divider with four (4) or more dividers. You choose how many dividers you would like in your Shoji-itTM divider. The width and height of each Shoji-itTM divider is standard at 12" wide and 72" high (1'w x 6'h).


1. Doctors! Use our Shoji-itTM dividers for your patients to enjoy.

2. Moms/Dads! Use our Shoji-itTM dividers to hide changing tables and more, plus provide a beautiful scenary.

3. City goers! Use our Shoji-itTM dividers to artfully decorate your flat, provide more privacy and/or enclose a bedroom, office and more.


* Click here to see images.
* Images are printed on a special material 20lb. weight, translucent, and UV protected to resist against sun damage
* 100 year inks
* Will not yellow with age
* Moisture resistant and smudge proof
* Helps reduce heating and cooling costs by diffusing the light entering your home or office

Shoji-it room divider

Four (4) Shoji-itTM divider

Image location: Zion National Park, Utah.

Shoji-it room divider

Same Shoji-itTM divider as to the left.


Same Shoji-itTM divider as above - backlit to highlight the beautiful image.

Privacy is beautifulTM!


Shoji-it room divider

Privacy is beautifulTM!

Image location: Maine



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