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Shoji-itTM Windows

Add our Shoji-itTM window treatments to one or more window sashes, side-by-side windows, long thin windows next to your front door (See Front door side windows) and much more. Easy to install.

Our Shoji-itTM window treatments work very well with other window treatments and give you the ability to utilize your current window treatments with our Shoji-itTM window treatments.


1. Add our Shoji-itTM window treatments to any window to provide for more privacy to your home or office without blocking the sunlight.

2. Increase the esthetics of your windows by adding our Shoji-itTM window treatments and look at a beautiful scene. Our images will take you away!

3. See the first image below on the right. Instead of pulling your drapes all the way down, you can leave your drapes halfway down and add our Shoji-itTM window treatments to the lower sash of your window; this idea will allow more light to enter your room and also maintain privacy.

4. Are you tired of looking at that tall high-rise city building next to you? Then, Shoji-itTM! Place our beautiful Shoji-itTM window treatments on your window(s) and enjoy the new beautiful scenary!

5. Have unsightly neighbors? Then, Shoji-itTM! Get rid of that unsightly view and replace it with a gorgeous view with one of our Shoji-itTM window treatments.

6. If you have too much light coming in the window and want to diffuse the light, add our Shoji-itTM window treatments and save on utility bills.


* Click here to see images.
* Images are printed on a special material 20lb. weight, translucent, and UV protected to resist against sun damage
* 100 year inks
* Will not yellow with age
* Moisture resistant and smudge proof
* Helps reduce heating and cooling costs by diffusing the light entering your home or office

Shoji-it window
Left side

Shoji-it window
Right side

Shoji-it window
Original image

Shoji-it window
Image from the outside of the house

Shoji-it window
Window with sunshine outside

Shoji-it window
Original Image

Shoji-it window
Original Image - Samples below

Shoji-it window

Shoji-it window

Shoji-it windows

Unsightly neighbors?


Shoji-it windows

Want privacy?


Use our Shoji-itTM window treatments to span over three double sash windows (and more).

At night, our Shoji-itTM artistic window treatments can been seen from the outside (when inside lights are on); yet provide full privacy (No figures/shadows can be seen).

Shoji-it windows

This window faces the street and the customer wanted to have some privacy in their home office.

Shoji-itTM offers creative and beautiful ways to address privacy concerns.

Shoji-it windows

Privacy in a bathroom? No problem.....

Shoji-it windows

Feel like you are in Hawaii.....

Shoji-it windows

A winter wonderland.....

Cover your entire window (double sash) to hide your next door neighbor's unsightly yard.

Privacy is beautifulTM.


Shoji-it window treament

Impress clients when they visit your office.....

Below is a specialized Shoji-itTM window treatment "theme" after the Buckingham Palace Park. We used one image.

We can do almost anything and will custom-make a Shoji-itTM window treatment to suit your personal needs and desires.

Shoji-it windows

To see the entire room transformation,
click here.

Shoji-it windows

The image



Shoji-it windows

Finished room



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