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Shoji-itTM Doors

Our exotic and artistic Shoji-itTM custom doors are made in a variety of woods and images. We customize-make different forms of shoji, such as door-and-wood-track systems, pocket doors and closet doors. (See below for a few examples).

Our Shoji-itTM doors are unique and one-of-a-kind. Each door is hand-made and custom-made for you. We take great pride and pleasure in making our Shoji-itTM doors.


1. Shoji-itTM doors can be installed to slide in front of your sliding glass doors.

2. Shoji-itTM doors can be installed to close off rooms.

3. Shoji-itTM doors can be installed as closet doors.

4. Shoji-itTM doors can be installed in front of your window(s).

5. Mini doors can be made to sit in front of a wide window. Just slide one side out of the way to see outdoors.


* Click here to see images.
* Images are printed on a special material 20lb. weight, translucent, and UV protected to resist against sun damage
* 100 year inks
* Will not yellow with age
* Moisture resistant and smudge proof
* Helps reduce heating and cooling costs by diffusing the light entering your home or office



Shoji-it sliding doors

"Adirondack Woods"

Frame: Birch

Image location: Adirondacks, New York



"Western Canyon"

Frame: Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut

Image location: Wash Basin Canyon, Utah.


"African Safari"

Frame: Oak

Image location: In the bush, Botswana, Africa

Shoji-it sliding doors

Shoji-it doors

Bottom track



Shoji-it doors

Top track



American Woods

Shoji-it wood choices

Shoji-it wood choices
Straight Walnut

Shoji-it Whitwash poplar
Whitewash Poplar

Shoji-it wood choices

Shoji-it wood choices
Straight Maple

MH Studios - Shoji-it
Whitewash Maple

Exotic Woods Below

Shoji-it wood choices Bloodwood
Blood wood

Shoji-it wood choices Leopard wood
Leopard wood

Shoji-it wood choices Magogany

Shoji-it wood choices Curly Maple
Curly Maple

Shoji-it wood choices
Quilted Maple

Shoji-it wood choices
Purple Heart

Shoji-it wood choices Figured Walnut

Shoji-it wood choices
Zebra wood



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