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Pet Urns

The Pet Urns below are made from resin pours that include burl wood, exotic woods, and many other items that make the center of the urn beautiful. The top section is made from wood or solid resin and the base is made completely from different wood. I mainly use Spalted Maple for the base. Read below to see the details.

Mahogony base body resin and wood chips, spalted maple top. Lid is all resin with gold, pearl and grey pearlex

Walnut slices with purple ring and white, bronze and red resin. Gold lid

Maple and spalted tammerind with red green and gold resin swirls. Crepe Myrtle lid 

Maple and spalted tammerind with red blue and gold resin swirls. Paduck and maple lid 

Maple limb section base, Swirly pink, white, gold resin with embedded burl. Resin and wood top capped with turquiose lid.

Blue and bronze pearlex resin with embedded walnut shells and burls, mahagony and maple wood top and bottom. Gold resin and wood lid.

Log Pet Urns

The interior of these logs have been removed to make a small cavity that will conceal small objects. Twisting the top slightly secures it from opening easily. The boxes have bookmatched tops. Bookmatching is done by joining two slices together so their details are reflected.

Laurel tree log base

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