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About Me

Melanie designs and creates fine crafts and furniture using organic materials such as wood, stone, granite, metal, glass and other materials. Each piece is unique and hand made.  Her items include heirloom fountain pens (corporate gifts), lantern lamps and table wooden lamps (desk and office lamps), hummingbird houses (office conversation piece), deer and elk antler shaving razors and shaving sets (the gift that keeps on giving), hand carved knives (great gift for him), bottle stoppers (wine enthusiasts), wine stopper displays (calling all pubs and vineyards), necklaces (attention all ladies, dare to look.....attention all men, bring a special gift home) and so much more.

Melanie Heinrich, the founder of MH Studios, LLC, is an accomplished professional photographer with a bachelor’s degree from Rochester of Institute of Technology (RIT) and two Masters Degrees in her field of art. She has been taking photographs since 1974 and the recipient of many distinguished awards. Melanie ran her own commercial photography studio and was the head of a photography department at a major university. Her photographs have been published nationally and internationally and her artwork has been shown in multiple galleries throughout the world. Melanie's love of art is translated into many forms such as the objects on the following pages.

Over the years, Melanie has looked for ways to incorporate her photography into her artwork and home furnishings. Some of those ideas can be found here on this website. We hope you enjoy Melanie’s artwork. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at: contact@mhstudios.com.




To learn more about Melanie Heinrich as a photgrapher and 2 dimensional artist go to this link.

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