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Handmade Pens

Heirloom Fountain Pens

Gun and Hunter Enthusiast

Swarovski Crystal with Acrylic




Pen Displays

Period Pens

Art Deco Pen
"1930's Charm"

Twist at top - Chrome and gold
Lime Green and pearl shimmer in the light with chrome and gold. Stunning amber stone shines brilliantly. Art Deco was an opulent and lavish art form that spanned the 1920's and 1930's. The art form influenced architecture, industrial design, interior design, fashion, and film of the period.

Southwest pen - MH Studios
"Southwest Design"

Twist - Brass
Designed with the American Southwest in mind this intricately designed Southwestern pen features a Desert Mesa flower on the top of the pen - an earthy, elegantly stylized circular motif with concentric rows of antiqued beads and twisted rope, accented with a turquoise cabochon in the center. The pen end and nib bands feature geometric shapes inspired by weaving patterns of the Southwestern American Indians. While the stylized arrowhead clip is a symbol denoting protection. Turquoise, a stone synonymous with the American Southwest and its rich mix of cultures, accentuates the depth and detail of the pen's design. Smooth writing performance with a Parker style refill.


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