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Bathroom Vanities


Buffet / Hutch

Butcher Block Table


Cabinet Hardware

Chairs and Stools

Closet Storage

Clothes Rack



Desk Shelf System



Pot Rack

Image Concealment Film

Shoji Doors


Toilet Paper Storage

Tub Surround


This cabinet sits between the studs in the wall and sits flush against the wall.

The image to the right was printed on transparent material and then placed between a mirror and plexy glass.

Since many areas in the image are white, they did not print onto the film and appear as clear. This allowed the mirror which sits behind the film to show through and be reflective.

The interior of the cabinet is lined with cedar. The shelves are also cedar, which gives an aromatic scent to the room.


Bathroom Cabinet - Small

This small cabinet is 14" wide x 27" tall. The open lower shelf provides easy access. The back of the box and shelving are made from cedar which provides an aromatic scent.

The door has been made with several exotic varieties including Bubinga, Purple Heart, Wenge, Lacewood and Bird's Eye Maple.

A black and white image of an Aspen tree is framed by all of these woods sections.

Giclee Image Inset

Cedar shelving

Door face before tongue oil

Rosewood Burl handle



Old Fashion Jelly Cupboard

Designed after an old-fashioned jelly cupboard used in the kitchen to hold jams or pies. They were short, only around 5 feet tall. This cupboard is made out of poplar wood and 7 feet tall. Antique hinges and latches are used for the hardware. The entire piece was put together with biscuits.

The construction process

Kitchen Cabinet

Original Design

Finished Design

The kitchen cabinet was a refacing project. Using the original cabinet boxes, the original facing was replaced with hand-made, solid oak, craftsmen-styled cabinet doors and frame. The finished cabinets extend to the ceiling which add height to the room. A light is positioned behind the top door, allowing the transparent image to be seen when the light is turned on. This image can be removed for a seasonal change. Lights were also installed under the cabinet for counter lighting.

Close-up of transparent image

Click Here to see the detailed Cabinet Hardware.

Mini Cabinet

This Walnut and Cherry cabinet is a finger joint construction with doors that swing open on oak dowels making this cabinet a nail and metal hinge free design. The center Walnut doors are a book matching pattern.

Mini Cabinet
Mini Cabinet

Mini Cabinet
Curio walnut handle attached with 1/4 inch walnut dowel

Mini Cabinet
1/4 inch dowel hinge on top and finger joinery

Wine Glass Cabinet

This Wormy Chestnut cabinet was designed specifically for a 9 and a half inch wine glass. This cabinet is 24.25 inches high. It was also made 28 inches wide to fit in a specific space just above a backsplash.

The doors are made of Curly Maple and Walnut Burl. The glass door insets are streaky bubble glass joined with veneer covered plexy. They are adorned with two balanced fosils and wine bottle top lids.

Wine Glass Cabinet

Wine Glass Cabinet
Wine Glass Cabinet

Wine Glass Cabinet
Close up of glass handles

Wine Glass Cabinet
Close up detail of glass and wine bottle lids

Wine Glass Cabinet

Wine Glass Cabinet


Bathroom Cabinet with Image on Copper Inset

MH Studios - Bathroom Cabinet
Leapard wood framed doors and inset Copper with an image embedded on it.

MH Studios - Bathroom Cabinet

Bedroom Cabinets

MH Studios - Bedroom Cabinets

MH Studios - Bedroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets

MH Studios - Bathroom Cabinets
Made with Mahogany and Curly Maple

MH Studios - Bathroom Cabinets
Click here to see the matching Table

MH Studios - Multidisciplinary Artist - Cabinets


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