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Bathroom Vanities


Buffet / Hutch

Butcher Block Table


Cabinet Hardware

Chairs and Stools

Closet Storage

Clothes Rack



Desk Shelf System



Pot Rack

Image Concealment Film

Shoji Doors


Toilet Paper Storage

Tub Surround


Cyprus table 2" thick with 6" square leges all live edge

Butcher Block Table with Paduck end grain wood  Beautiful redish wood that mellows to a rich brown in time.

Butcher Block Table

Butcher Block Tablle

Braodleaf Maple with live edge curve cut to match. Can be used seperatly of joined to make a single table. Curly Maple shirt and Bubinga legs

Side Table Splits


Tall Side Table
Dinning room table

Granite top covered with multi colored resin. Textured colum leg and base. Perfect for a plant or side table

Granite table top with resin

Granite resin Table top Table

Corinthian base with log and resin colored balck and pewter top. Perfect for a plant or side table.
See How it was Made

Creative colum with Resin Table top
See How it was Made

Diasplay Table to sit of top of Dinning room Table. Book matched spalted Maple top and Crape Mytly leg base.

Display Table

Display Table

Resin Top Tables

The center of this table has Lebanon Ceder cookies embedded into the center with a silver wispy pearlex and blue resin.
See how it was made

The center of this table has custom shaped and milled chunks of Spalted Maple embedded in blue resin with colored stones and a silver wispy pearlex.
See How it was made

This table is uniqic in that it has and limb inclusion on one side and is filled with blue resin and white pearlex.

The center of this table has custom shaped and milled chunks of half Lebanon Cedar cookies with mirrored shapes, small Crepe Myrtle cookies and colored stones. All embedded blue resin and a silver wispy pearlex.
See How it was Made

Resin Table Top
Custom Resin Table top- Very etherial with silvers, rusty reds, blacks and whites. The legs are textured black and pewter.
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Onyx Light Table

MH Studios Onyx Light table

MH Studios Onyx Light table
Light is on and shines through the translucent onyx stones

MH Studios Granite Table
Green Granite topped table with Curly Maple shirt and Canary wood and Bubinga legs, Colored Copper poles.

MH Studios Granite Table
Wormy Chestnut side piece with Agate.

This dining room table is a mix of Cherry and Walnut with Mahogany legs and a Cherry skirt.

Dinning room table Dinning room table

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Oak Coffee Table

Dinning room table Dinning room table

Broad Leaf Maple Coffee Table

This coffee table was made to compliment a Broad Leaf Maple countertop by using the same wood.

Dinning room table
Lace wood skirt, Mahogany legs and Cherry shelf

Dinning room table
Live edge

Dinning room table

Wormy Chestnut Kitchen Table

This table was designed specifically to fit into the bay window. Wormy Chestnut was used for the top, rails, and skirt. The legs are made of redwood.

Kitchen Chairs / Countertop

Dinning room table

Dinning room tableDetailed close up of the table top.

Bathroom Vanity Table

MH Studios - Tables MH Studios - Table

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Small Table with Inlay Top

This table follows the same top design as the window bench but has an additional inlay on the top center.

Dinning room table



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