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Fountain Pens - Heirloom Pens

These fountain pens are one-of-a-kind and made with the collector in mind. In addition to the perfect part of a collection, these pens make great gifts for special occasions like graduations, birthdays, and job promotions. Each pen is highly polished and sealed for a life-time of use. Each pen comes with a refillable piston mechanism cartridge that you can fill with whatever color ink you choose. Please note, that when you start to use your pen, the ink will take a while to seep down to the nib. If you prefer, you can buy the already filled ink cartridges. 


Wooden Pens

You love pens made from wood? Well these styled pens are made from all kinds of wood including imported exotic woods as well as American hardwoods. You will love the way the pen feels in your hand as well as the way it writes. I choose the direction of the wood to best suit the end look and feel.


Swarovski Crystals and Acrylic Pens

 This pen is perfect with the feminine's touch and will make a great accent on your desk or used when you sign for a purchase at any high end store. Using the beautiful Swarovski Crystals I have made custom colors using acrylic. The pens in this collection are made using gold and chrome.


Gun Enthusiast and Hunter Pens

These pens are made to look like a bullet and the pen retractor is made to emulate the action of a riffle. The finishes are either 24 Kt gold or chrome and enamel. Specifically chosen materials such as deer antler and highly coveted woods due to their beauty are use to help accent the metal parts. A look a like bullet primer is at the end of the pen as well as a bullet look alike tip. A riffle gun clip is used.