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Single seam ripper with acrylic handle, gold, black, red swirls

Melanie - MH Studios

Regular price $40.00

One of the most beautiful seam rippers you will find using blues, reds and golds. Images just don't really show the shimmering beauty of the seam ripper handle. It will make a memorable gift and tool to use for a lifetime. Perfect for that special seamstress!  And made from very sharp Japanese steel.

Using a two part polyester resins and three Pearl Ex colors, one with Gold Pearl Ex, black Pearl EX and another with Red Pearl Ex. (Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments create a metallic look) The two mixtures were added together creating swirls and cosmic like designs. It was then poured into a mold, hardened and milled smooth on a lathe.

The blade is made of a durable Japanese manganese steel with a finely finished and very sharp edge. Reversing fiction fit for a secure closure.