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Blue green swirly glass box

 Bolivian Rosewood and lacewood top framing curly maple ends with copper accents.

Ammonite handle

White swirly stained glass box 

 The top has been surronded by African Lacewood with brass hinges.

 Approximatley 10" long x 3" deep and 3.5" tall 

Walnut live edge box with burl handle

 Live edge walnut sides (front and back) 

 Spalted maple ends with curve

 Spalted maple burl handle

Roll top desk box

 Shaped box made of individual cedar strips attached to spalted maple ends. Carved 

 hand-made maple wooden hinge. 

Padauk, leather, rosewood box

 Padauk framed leather top

 Bolivian rosewood and curly maple base

 Lacewood wooden hinges and handle 

Green swirly stained glass box

Bolivian rosewood and curly maple sides

 Copper accents frame this green swirly glass box

 Turbo Samarticus shell (cut in half) handle

Resin Painting box

The box is made from resin on Sintra painting.

 Use this box for storing the small things in your life, jewelry, coins, and collections.

 Internal measurements are approximately 12.5” x 4 ¾” x 3.5” deep

 Top is 13”wide x 6.5” deep.

 Overall height is 4.5"

Walnut live edge box with burl handle

 Milled and stabalized walnut with inlay golden pearlex. A maple burl handle adorns the top.

 Approximatley 8" square and 3." tall 

Hand carved box top of an American Flag.

Pine base with round studds and the edges.

The log was carefully milled and the center removed. The milled pieces were then assembled to create this box. In the end, the pieces of wood are in the same location as in the original log.

 The handle is copper - this copper handle was made by heating the copper and then pouring and cooling it in sand.

Continuous spalted maple box

 Made from a single log

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