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Bathroom Vanities 

This vanity was designed to fit a small bathroom and provide maximum storage. 

Top Cabinet:

 Tall matching cabinets flank either side of the mirror. The top section of both of these cabinets have lights in them. Those lights are behind the cedar veneer. Between these two cabinets at the top there is a framed backlit image.

Base Cabinet:

 An exotic granite sits on the top of the vanity with a travertine stone backsplash that matches the floor and interior bath area. The same granite caps the tub.

Floating Vanity

Small Vanity

This vanity was made to hide the plumbing and open up the floor space. The Mahogony and Curly Maple figure add contrast and depth to the piece. (See Tub Surround)

Using 2" x 30" mahogany boards this vanity was made to fit in a small compact space. The boards are joined to form an angle so there is room for a toe kick.

Walnut frame with Lacewood and Red Cedar doors

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