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FAQ - or SAQs "Should ask questions"

Most of these questions come from people who I meet at the Art Festivals that I attend.  Here are the answers to some of those questions.

Birdhouse Questions?

What type of birds use the houses that you make? This depends on the type of Birdhouse you buy. Small holes, smaller birds. I sell both large birdhouses and small birdhouses. Some of the small birdhouses may be inhabited by Hummingbirds. This may be debated as in the wild they don't inhabit cavity homes. But I have heard the opposite.

What type of finish do you add the the exterior of the houses? The exterior of the the smaller birdhouses are sealed with waxes that repellants water. The exterior of the larger birdhouse are sealed with a polurithaine coat and a heavy wax coating. 

How do I clean and care my birdhouses?  Take it down during the winter months  and clean it out through the entrance hole using a tweezers. (this works for the small birdhouse.  For the larger birdhouses I have made access to the house on the bottom by detaching the screws. Either slide to the side or pull down. The birdhouse can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and if need be relax the exterior areas. If the house is several dried out sand lightly redcoat it with a wipe on exterior polyurethane. Relax and your good to go! 

Are their Instructions for the birdhouses?  Simply hang the bird house outside (leather lanyard included) in early spring. Place the house under an eve or anywhere that is out of the rain, wind and sun (and where you can watch them). You can leave a few pieces of lint nearby, but not inside the house. There is no guarantee a bird will use the house the first year (there are no guarantees with any birdhouse), but if they do build a nest, hatch-lings return the next year. As for the large birdhouse, They are made to sit on a perch, like a table on your deck or on the top of a 4 x 4 fence post. Some people have screwed the large houses to a wall directly through the entrance hole of the birdhouse. If the roof extends over the back wall of the birdhouse fill that area with a spacer like a piece of wood (drill a hole through the wood first) placing the wood between the birdhouse and the wall.

Pens Questions?

What do I do if the ink has dried up?  Let me give you a little background first. Most pens when they are not used allows the ink time too dry. The remedy for that is to remove the ink cartridge and then heat up the very tip (not the plastic) to help move the flow of ink. The cartridges do not cost much and can be replaced very easily!

Antler Products?

How do you attain the antlers that you use in your products? First of all all of the antlers I use are animal sheds. Deer, Moose and Elk all naturally discharge (shed) their antlers every year. No harm comes to the animals. Some of the antlers that I have used have been purchased through a naturalist who walks the woods and finds the sheds. These antlers may have signs of smaller animals foraging (chewing) on the found antlers. I like that characteristic of those antlers. Others have been purchased on line meeting  the same conditions.

Book Matched woods?

What does it mean when you say "Book Matched". Book matching is a technique done when slices from a log or burl (in most of my cases they are burls) are cut sequentially from the same section of wood into thin slices. Two of those slices are opened up like a book would be opened up. those two slices have the same look and mirror one another. They are then glued together. I also have videos on my Youtube channel showing how I make these.


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