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Antler Handle fireplace set

Melanie - MH Studios

Regular price $335.00

Unique is only one way to describe this fire poker set. I make several things using deer antler sheds and being an outdoors person drives my interest in this type of creation.

This fireplace set is very unusual! The set of three is made from steel with a black heat resistant paint and light colored deer antler sheds. The shovel is made using a deer antler shed with four tynes including one broken from the natural process of sparring. (It measures approximately 31" long.) The fire poker is made using three smaller tynes, and a crown. (It measures approximately 27" long) The scissor fire graber is made from two deer antler sheds. Both have two tynes and one has a crown. (It measures approximately 27.5" long) This set is perfect for your mountain house or your home next to your fireplace.

Organic, rustic and earthy may describe these one of a kind tools. Perfect for the inside fireplace as a conversation piece. My first poker was made for my outdoor fire pit. I love it for its functionality, rough-hewn qualities and beauty.