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Shaving tools - Antler Shed Saving Set 2, made with 3 Antler Crowns and 1 tyne

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $255.00

Deer Antler sheds made into handsome shaving tools for men. This heavy duty chrome stand was the first part of the craftsmanship. These antler sheds are retrieved when walking in the woods. The deer antler sheds are cleaned using hydrogen peroxide to help remove any embedded dirt and debree. After that I cut the pieces to length I sanded and smoothed any rough edges so they feel comfortable in the hand. Finally before assembly I use a polishing brush to further clean and smooth the pieces.

The length and the feel when a tool such as this is held and used makes a difference.

This special set includes 3 antler crowns and 1 antler tyne.

I use a high quality badger hair brushes not cutting corners with bore hair. Assembly is done using a waterproof epoxy so no failure will occur when using the shaving tools. This set will last a life time and could even be considered an heirloom.

A mixed hair Badger Shaving Brush has been used in the making of this Shaving set.
Badger Hair has been used for centuries to make the best shaving brushes. The bristles are hand selected and hand filled. Badger hair absorbs water and is the standard for applying the most comfortable, moist and penetrating lather.

6.5” - 7” tall depending on how you position the razor handle in the stand.

Choose from a Mach3 Razor Handle in Chrome or a Fusion Razor Handle Kit in Chrome. You choose below.
The Gillette® Mach3® razor is one of the world's most popular razor blades. Requires a Mach3® razor blade (not included).

Comes with either a Fusion blade fitting or a Mach 3 razor blade fitting.
You pick at check-out. One of the photos shows a fusion blade fitting.

Razors not included.