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Birdhouse - Maple Burl / Cherry roof with hairy cow hide

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $325.00

Whether you buy this as an in home sculpture or an outside useable birdhouse this will surely be a conversation piece. I take a great deal of time preparing each piece that goes into the making of the birdhouse it's all about the details!  I spend between 10 to 15 hours to create these one of a kind masterpieces and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do when I am making them. Removable base for cleaning.

  • Face: The face of the house is made from live edge Spalted Maple with two bamboo entrance covers. Veneered spalted maple sits at the peak of the house. Two antler sections function as the entrance post of the birdhouse. Two gemstones adorn the face of the house also as well and a triangular section of Paduck.
  • Roof: The roof is made from live edge cherry milled by hand and framed at a 22.5 degree angle. Blue resin has been incorporated with a limb inclusion. The ridge line is topped with leather and cowhide.
  • Back: The backside is made from a section of cork with a hand shaped section of spalted maple, pear log cookie with two pink gemstones. It also adornes a hand carved birch leaf.
  • Bottom: Live edge Cherry is removable for cleaning once the screws are removed. A small bottle with the artists name on it sits on this ledge emulating a bottle of moonshine.
  • Height: This birdhouse stands approximately 17.5" tall x 9" deep and 12" wide.
  • Each house has 2 coats of exterior urethane and 1 heavy coat of wax for extended durability.  If needed, you can add a spray coat of urethane each year after cleaning the house to help keep the wood protected but the wax should hold up for a long time.