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Small Birdhouse - Hummingbird House - Burlap and twine small birdhouse

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $99.00

Buy this birdhouse as an ornament, gift, sculpture or actually use it outside as it is ready for exterior use. It will be a conversation piece as well as fun to watch the birds habitat. This bird house is made from bamboo which allows plenty of room for a small but bigger bird than a Hummingbird. Each piece of the house, top, bottom and body is milled and shaped separately on a lathe and then attached after they have been sealed and finished.  They are small and meant for a small bird such as Wren, Yellow bird, Chickadees and others. Some say that Hummingbirds will take up a habitat in the houses. 

This birdhouse is made of bamboo wrapped in burlap a Red Bud wood top and bottom with twine. It is sealed with natural finishes, which are safe for birds. The house is polished to a soft satin finish.

This house is ONE-OF-A-KIND. It cannot be mass produced or reproduced. It is a gem!

Approx. 8" high x 2" round

For Instructions and about Hummingbirds click here.