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Clock House - Cork and Bolivian Rosewood

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $350.00

This clock is the perfect gift for a desk, mantle, or table top. It is easy to read and elegant. No detail has been lost on the design and creative process of this clock house.

  • Face: The face is made of pressed cork a soft cream color with swirly hues of a medium colored value. Bolivian Rosewood squares mark the hour positions as well as four walnut shell slices. Small pointed sections of wood dyed red point to the horizontal and vertical hour markers. Black hour and minute hands display the time clearly against the light colored cork. At the peak a section of cedar adorns a white gemstone.
  • Roof: The roof is made from Lebanon Cedar mini boards all irregular in size.
  • Roof Line: The roof line is made from a Lebanon Cedar mini board that emulates a typical ridge line of a log cabin.
  • Back: The back is made of a medium value cork with beautiful texture and contrast. It is accented by two flanking book matching log cookies of Bradford Pear. Additionally, I have added a wood burned log cookie of Crepe Myrtle just above the door. At the peak I added a section of walnut and a section of spalted Maple. A multi colored piece of granite and a pink gemstone counter balance the back of the house. A specially designed door with a slip latch and two brass hinges allow access for battery changing. The door is made from crotch wood of Bradford Pear with a palm door knob.
  • Base: The base is made of live edge spalted maple and hard maple feet. Ornaments of interest sit on the base ledge, one is a brass duck.

The burl measures approximately 16" tall, across 8.25" deep and 15.5" wide.