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Clock House - Lebanon Cedar roof with Spalted maple face and black hands

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $350.00

This clock is the perfect gift for a desk, mantle, or table top. It is easy to read and elegant. No detail has been lost on the design and creative process of this clock house.

  • Face: The face is made of Spalted Maple and black clock hands. Ambrosia Maple has been used for thick moldings.
  • Roof: The roof is made from Chunks of Lebanon Cedar all attached to each other leaving an irregular drip line. 
  • Roof Line: The roof line is also made from Lebanon Cedar with added twine that attaches at the peak front and back. This emulates the way an old house would host large objects into a home when the doorways were to small.
  • Back: The back is made of a cork with Ambrosia Maple moldings, a square section of Paduk at the peak with a white gemstone. A specially designed door made from ebony and paduk is topped with copper and framed with a custom molding. Two brass hinges are added. This allows access for battery changing.
  • Base: The base is made of spalted maple and hard maple feet.

The burl measures approximately 12" tall, across 10" deep and 15" wide.