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Pen - Executive Chrome Twist Pen with Clear Resin and Walnut shells

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $85.00

The elegant look and smooth mechanism of this Chrome Executive pen makes it one of my most popular pens. I have taken great care in the making of this pen using Clear Resin and Walnut shells. Both woods finish to a beautiful sheen and polish and feel great when being used.

I start by carefully cutting the walnut shells into slices. I use a bandsaw to do this. I then remove and clean the Walnut shells and free them of any pulp left in the shells. At this point I glue the shells to the bottom of a special mold that I use to pour resins into. Then I turn the blank on a lathe into a well handled shape which fits perfectly in the hand and is a dream to write with. Below is my link to my YouTube channel where you can see how I made this pen.

By pulling the snugly fit cap off the end of the pen and unscrewing the mechanism the ink cartridge is easily replaced. Us a Parker Style Ballpoint Refill (included) or a Parker Style Gel Ink Refill (not included). These cartridges are easily found online and since they are popular are available at local stationary stores.

If you own a pen that has not been unused for a long period of time the ink may have dried in the tip of the pen. Simply heat the end for about 30 seconds to warm the ink and encourage ink flow.