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Pen - Fountain pen, Lebanon Cedar Fountain Pen, 24kt Gold

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $395.00

This stylish and stately writing instrument includes a captivating magnetized cap

  • Magnetic Connection - Iridium #2 Nib - 24kt gold
  • Magnetic cap posts instantly and securely on both ends of the pen
  • Long barrel provides a solid feel and smooth writing experience
  • Lebanon Cedar cross cut (This style of milling reveals the true character of the wood)

Features a convenient spring clip
Elegant profile with a wider top and narrower bottom

How to set up your new Fountain Pen
• Remove the large top cap by unscrewing it from the base of the pen.
• Unscrew the pointed tip / black plastic from the main body of the pen.
• Gently remove the ink cartridge from the tip mechanism.
• Using an ink bottle (not included) filled with your color ink slowly by drawing the ink into the cartridge by turning clockwise. Keep the ink cartridge submerged in the ink until the ink cartridge is full.
• There is a small vacuum ball in the cartridge to prevent the ink from spilling out.
• Clean off the tip and reinsert it into the tip mechanism of the pen.
• Tap the tip on a clean piece of paper to encourage ink flow.