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Knife - Abalone with high polished chrome and 2.75" long

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $128.00

This is an Elk River knife but I loved the way that they looked so I decided to buy it and offer it to my customers as an option to the ones that I make by hand. Bottom line I like knives not just for their functionality but for their beauty. 

This is the perfect knife to gift a women who loves the look of abalone. It will fit in any size purse and function simply and beautifully. Shimmering light purples, blues, pinks, silvery whites abalone sits on both sides of this little knife. Hints of gold are added to the chrome parts of the knife.

The knife measures around 2.5" long when closed. The long blade measures 4.5" when open. The shorter blade when open measures 4.125" long.