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Lamp - Walnut and orange glass - Blue river runs through it

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $575.00

Elegant beautiful sophisticate; all of these terms that have been used to describe the lamps that I make. One will fit perfectly in your home adding character and romance to any room.  Set on dimmers or timers and never walk into a dark room.

Everyone uses lamps. It's the style and design of the lamp that sets it apart from others. While you can go to the local store and buy the same thing as everyone else has, why not choose a lamp (one-of-a-kind) that sets you apart?

I have framed the lamp using beautiful Walnut. The base is made from live edge Osage Orange with a strip of irregular blue resin that runs through the base to emulate a river. Small stones protrude from the river bed just like in real life.

Multiple styles of orange and brown swirly custom poured glass adorn the four sides of the lamp. Additional the swirly glass is attached to hand poured rippled clear glass with copper strips. The glow is simply magnificent and adds a warmth, beauty and romance to any room where light or not.

I created the hood using multiple pine cone sections, each is positioned individually for esthetics into a 45 degree peak with a copala in silver and copper. 

The hood sits neatly into the body section of the lamp and can be easily removed when replacing the bulb.

An inline switch makes for easy powering of the lamp. The lamp can be set on a timer and/or a dimmer.

  • The lamp is raised slightly using 4 Hard maple feet.
  • The white lamp cord is approximately 6 feet long.
  • Base approximate size is- 9" x 4” at the widest points (irregular shape) with live edge
  • Overall height with hood - 22” tall
  • Lamp Width - 5.5" square
  • Buyer is advised to use low heat LED bulbs.