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Lamp - Blue glass with shell

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $275.00

Everyone uses lamps. It's the style and design of the lamp that sets it apart from others. While you can go to the local store and buy the same thing as everyone else has, why not choose a lamp (one-of-a-kind) that sets you apart?


I made this gorgeous lamp from translucent 1/2" square translucent tiles. The grout that I sued has a sandy feel so this is the perfect beach house lamp. Yes, it is one of a kind!

A shell sits on the the top of the lamp which has a texturized surround that is painted white. There are holes in the top of the lamp hood to help evacuate any heat from the bulb although I recommend using LED bulbs which not only last for a very long time but they do not heat up like a traditional incandescent bulb.

  • An inline switch makes for easy powering of the lamp. The lamp can be set on a timer and/or a dimmer.
  • The lamp is raised slightly using 4 Hard maple feet which are white.
  • The white lamp cord is approximately 6 feet long.
  • Overall height with hood - 17” tall
  • Lamp Width - 7" square
  • Buyer is advised to use low heat LED bulbs.


Check out how I made it: