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Leopard wood and orange swirly glass lamp

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $575.00

Wow! all anyone can say when they see this lamp. The warm glow will set your room a flame with all its beauty.  Add a beautiful and romantic addition to any room in your house.

Emulating European architecture, the lamp is made with African Leopard wood add caped with Bolivian Rosewood. 

The stunning Sunset swirl stained Glass, frosted glass and molded clear glass surround the lamp on all sides.

A clear glass pyramid shaped glass that sits on the top of the lamp allows a soft light to cascade upwards.

The hood sits neatly into the body section of the lamp and can be easily removed when replacing the bulb.

The base is made from Osage orange slab with live edge. This wood slab adds an organic feature to the lamp.

  • An inline switch makes for easy powering of the lamp. The lamp can be set on a timer and/or a dimmer.
  • The lamp is raised slightly using 4 Hard maple feet.
  • The brown lamp cord is approximately 6 feet long.
  • Overall height with hood - 24” tall
  • Buyer is advised to use low heat LED bulbs.
  • Lamp Width - 5 ¼" square