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Pen - Majestic Squire Gold TN and Chrome Ballpoint Twist Pen #3

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $185.00

Give an EXTRA special gift with this simply stunning Majestic Squire Gold TN & Chrome Ballpoint Twist Pen.  This pen is well balanced for a relaxed writing experience while the ballpoint transmission operation is simple and smooth.  Superior quality Gold TN & Chrome plating will provide you with years of a long lasting brilliant finish.
A Swarovski Crystal adorns the clip.
Two rings of gold (one carved), a gold clip and a gold carved adornment on the cap add beautiful accents to this outstanding pen.

This pen has been made by using a one of a kind clear resin pour and pine cone. The clear resin gives the pen depth and reveals the color of the brass tube internal part. It is beautifully weighted in the hand and writes smoothly, truly a writing pleasure!

Easy to change the ink cartridge by unscrewing the tip of the pen and replacing the ink with a Parker Style Ballpoint Refill (included) or a Parker Style Gel Ink Refill (not included)

5-1/4” long

If you own a pen that has not been unused for a long period of time the ink may have dried in the tip of the pen. Simply heat the end for about 30 seconds to warm the ink and encourage ink flow.