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Pen - Montague Antique Copper Twist Pen

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $215.00

The Antique Copper finish with its rich, warm copper finish and dark antique highlights, the details of this pen will surely impress. The pen is constructed from heavy-duty components that provide a bit of heft and a substantial writing feel. The red/blue and purple colors of the pen blended beautifully.

Though the Montagues (and Capulets) were creations of Shakespeare, the culture and history they are based on is very much real. The design of this gorgeous pen is based on Venetian Gothic, a style originating in 14th century Venice and given to an architectural style combining use of the Gothic arch with Byzantine and Moorish architectural influences. The cap features bands of small pointed lancet arches flanking larger, more teardrop shaped Morish influenced arches. The pen tip also features the lancet arches while the pen top includes a quatrefoil window design.

Easy to change the ink cartridge by unscrewing the tip of the pen and replacing the ink with a Parker Style Ballpoint Refill (one included). If your pen is used for a long period of time the ink may get heavy in the cartridge. If you heat the tip of the pen it will help make the ink flow again.

5-3/4” long