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Pet urn - Spalted Maple, Leopard wood, with pearly pink resins on a Maple base, Resin top

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $209.00

There's nothing like the memory of a beloved family member. The choices are very limited outside of a colored jar that I decided to make some decorative urns that one one would be proud to be entombed in and displayed on a mantle or shelf. 

Pet Urn - holds 1/2 cup. This urn is made from Spalted Maple, Leopard wood, with pearly pink resins on a funky Maple base, Resin top consists of dark and light purple, gold and black resin and topped with a dark blue turquoise stone with black spidering through it.

Save some and spread some is what I have found most people do with ashes of a beloved family member. Scatter the remaining ashes on your pets favorite play location.

Multiple steps have taken place to get to this finished item. First I fill a form with different colored resins mixing them carefully to attain an unusual blend of colors. Once that has dried I add the wood pieces on the top and bottom.  Next I mill the piece on the lathe. Lastly, I mill a top to fit with some room too spare for gluing.

The top - approximately 8" tall x 15.5" at it widest point. 

Glue the top to the bottom to secure any contents within.