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Pen - Polaris 24kt Gold Twist Pen - no clip

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $85.00

Buy this artistic and streamlined pen for the most enjoyable writing experience yet. The 24kt gold plating offers a bright pure gold plating that will gives this pen a rich and luxurious look. The 24kt gold uses a "premium rack plating" process and is covered with an epoxy coating for extreme durability. We guarantee it's beauty and durability with a lifetime guarantee.

This pen has been made by using a one of a kind resin pour of a pine cone with open pours and rusty red and purple hews. It fits beautifully in the hand and writes smoothly, truly a writing pleasure!

Easy to change the ink cartridge by unscrewing the tip of the pen and replacing the ink with a Parker Style Ballpoint Refill (included) or a Parker Style Gel Ink Refill (not included)

No clip. 4¾” long

If you own a pen that has not been unused for a long period of time the ink may have dried in the tip of the pen. Simply heat the end for about 30 seconds to warm the ink and encourage ink flow.