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Single Deer Antler shed Razor Handle with chrome stand (antler 1 tyne A)

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $54.00

I have taken extra time to prepare these antlers for personal use. This deer antler shed was cleaned using hydrogen peroxide to help remove any embedded dirt and debree. After that I cut the piece to length, I sanded and smoothed any rough edges so they felt comfortable in the hand.

Finally, before assembly I use a polishing brush to further clean and smooth the antler shed. The length and the feel when a tool such as this is held and used makes a difference.

This razor handle measures 7 and 1/4” long from the tip of the antler to the edge of the razor, not counting for there curl of the antler.

Chrome stand is included.

Razors are not included but can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Comes with either a Fusion blade fitting or a Mach 3 razor blade fitting.
You pick at check-out. One of the photos shows a fusion blade fitting.