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Small Birdhouse - Hummingbird House - Bamboo with Sculpted face, Poplar

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $89.00

If you love to watch birds on your deck or back porch like I do this may be the cutest birdhouse yet. This bird house is made from bamboo which allows plenty of room for a small but bigger bird than a Hummingbird. On the body of the birdhouse I have made a custom molded face to emulate a face similarly to the "Wood Spirits" which are all hand carved. The top is made from silvery brass lamp fitting that I made into this decorative hood. The bottom is made from a ¼ part of a Cherry log and attached to the body of the birdhouse so it can sit on its own. It is sealed with natural finishes, which are safe for hummingbirds. The house top and bottom are polished to a soft satin finish.

It's not just for a Hummingbird, any small bird can fit into the house and enjoy it for years to come.

Approx. 11.5" high x 4" at its widest point

Simply hang the birdhouse outside (leather lanyard included) in early spring. Place the house under an eve or anywhere that is out of the rain, wind and sun (and where you can watch them). You can leave a few pieces of lint nearby, but not inside the house. There is no guarantee a bird will use the house the first year (there are no guarantees with any birdhouse), but if they do build a nest, hatchlings return the next year. Take it down during the winter months (it makes a great ornament!) and clean out using tweezers. (Instructions will come with your bird house). Good luck!