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Small Birdhouse - Hummingbird House - Cherry Log house with Milled top, Bradford Pear

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $89.00

If you love to watch birds on your deck or back porch like I do this may be the cutest birdhouse yet. This bird house is made from a hollowed out log which  can accommodate a smaller bird. 

The top is custom milled on a lathe from Bradford Pear and a dome shaped hood with natural milling inclusions and beautiful curly pear characteristics. It is sealed with natural finishes, which are safe for birds. The body is made from a milled out Cherry log with tons of bark inclusions.

It's not just for a Hummingbird, any small bird can fit into the house and enjoy it for years to come.

Approx. 5.25" high x 3.75" across

For Instructions and about Hummingbirds click here.