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Pen - Swarovski Crystal with Acrylic Ballpoint Pen, ballpoint pen, "Morning Shine"

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $125.00

Each pen has been given a distinctive name, based on what I saw in each pen. In this case "Morning Shine" has a bit of blue and a bit of gold that reminded me of a sun rise. I love the way the clouds mix into the sky and the sun leaves that glow on the horizon. Made of chrome and clear Swarovski crystals this pen is elegantly adorn with crystals on both the clip and the band making it a piece of fine jewelry. Using Blue and Gold swirl pearl essence I mixed the two colors by  swirling them into a resin mold to make a beautiful combination. After the mold is dried I lathe the shape in order to make the body of the pen.

  • Twist at center - Ballpoint
  • Uniquely mixed acrylics using shimmering mica powders make up the body of this pen.
  • Highly polished, ultra smooth finish, like glass