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Box - Walnut and spalted Maple Box

Melanie MH Studios

Regular price $159.99

For the unusual person this unique box is perfect, made from Spalted Walnut and Spalted Maple and a Cedar Base. Delicate with its sloping curved ends and ⅛” thick Walnut top with a Spalted Map Handle. Organic and rare this becomes to be owned by a person with discriminating taste for nature.

  • The top sits gently on 2 brackets which suspends the top around 2” from the bottoms interior.
  • Use this box for storing the small things in your life, jewelry, coins, and collections.
  • The box is sanded smooth and finished with wax.
  • The measurements of the box are 8.25” wide x 7.5” at the widest area of the base and 3 ¾” high over all, which includes the height of the handle.
  • Interior space is 7.5”long x 3.5”wide x 2”deep.